Pricing Guide

Single session | Shop minimum
$100 - $150+

Revolution Tattoo's shop minimum is $100. The shop minimum is reserved for tattoos that take roughly 30 minutes or less to complete. I typically only accept appointments that fit this price point if I have small gaps
to fill between larger appointments. If you are getting multiple small tattoos, the price only goes up incrementally per tattoo, depending of course on size, placement, and complexity of the designs themselves.


Single Session | SMall
$250 - $450

Small tattoos are considered "palm sized" - about 4x4 - 5x5  inches. Most tattoos this size tend to stay closer to the $250 - $300 mark, unless they are full color.


single session | Medium
$450 - $750

Medium tattoos are normally a little smaller than a standard letter-sized (8x10") sheet of paper.  This would typically be a piece that takes up all (or nearly) the entire front or back of the forearm, or one side of an average-sized person's chest, etc. Most tattoos this size tend to stay closer to the $450 - $500 mark, unless they are full color.


full day or multi-session | large
$750 - $1,200+

Heavily detailed tattoos that are larger than a letter-sized sheet of paper; usually half-sleeves and larger. Black illustrations tend to stay closer to the $750-800 mark, and color tattoos most often require multiple sessions.
Full day sessions are generally only available on Saturdays, and for these appointments I work an extended day: 12pm-8pm rather than 1pm-7pm. The discounted 8-hour full day rate is $1,200.


The final cost of each session is determined by combination of size, amount of technical detail, and overall how much time is required to complete the tattoo. Black illustrations are on the lower end of each price range, and color tattoos are on the higher end. A tattoo is a lifelong commitment and therefore a financial commitment as well. If you have budgetary constraints for the tattoo you have in mind, you are encouraged to be transparent about that. Breaking large projects up into smaller sessions is always an option to make the process more affordable.