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These instructions are for healing with Saniderm and comparable products.

Your bandage should remain on (in theory) for a maximum of 72 hours, as long as it retains its integrity. You will notice that there is fluid building up under the bandage. DO NOT PANIC. This is normal. The fluid is a combination of plasma, red blood cells, and excess pigment. The more saturated your tattoo is, the more fluid will pool up in your bandage. Do not disturb the fluid bubble in any way - No pushing it around, attempting to drain it, etc. The seal must stay completely intact. If your bandage leaks, even a little bit, you must remove it as soon as possible. Do not try to patch it or rebandage the tattoo. A way out is a way in, so if anything has escaped the bandage, assume that bacteria has used that as a path inside. Rebandaging or trying to patch it can trap microorganisms and result in infection.

Carefully remove your bandage (either when it leaks or after 72 hours) by peeling away parallel to the skin (just like removing the adhesive strip from a Command hook) or rubbing/rolling it off under warm running water. Do not rebandage.

Gently wash your tattoo with mild, unscented soap and warm water.

Allow your tattoo to air dry, and dab off any secretions with a clean paper towel.

Apply a thin layer of any petroleum-free, water-based products such as Redemption, Tattoo Goo, Hustle Butter, or any colorless unscented lotion.

Do not use any petroleum-based products or ointments such as Aquaphor, A&D, Bacitracin, Neosporin, Vaseline, etc.

A day or so after your bandage has been removed, your tattoo will begin to peel and appear dry. You may gently remove any excess peeling skin by massaging the tattoo with soap and water, but do not pick at the skin. If you notice any scabs, do not disturb them - Just keep applying your preferred aftercare product 2-3 times a day until your tattoo looks smooth and healthy.

Do not submerge your tattoo underwater until it is completely healed. Always protect your tattoos (even after they are healed) with SPF 50 or higher to prevent fading.

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